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Travel and Leisure


US airline with offices in the UK.


Aradco was approached as a translation company with vast experience in producing marketing material for the travel and more specifically for the aviation industry. The client wished to employ a trusted supplier based in the UK to offer competitive rates, fast turnaround times and quality translations.


Following a series of meetings and discussions, a price list was put in place for translation work from English into a number of languages for copy appearing on the airline’s website.

The client has a dedicated Aradco project manager and specialist translators in each of the required languages working in close collaboration, all of whom work smoothly and effectively to produce translations for newsletters and press reports within a short deadline. We also follow a strict QA process that ensures each translation contains the correct tone and style to reflect local subtleties.

Current Status

For the last 2 years, Aradco has been successfully providing such translations on a regular basis. We have built a relationship of mutual trust and confidence and we continue to offer high quality translations at competitive rates.

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